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Mural art has a strong presence in a home or other space. Just like a photo, a mural can take you away to your favorite destination, or offer inspiration to achieve a lifestyle represented by the image. But a mural can cover a much larger and more irregular area than a photo. While scenic murals are common requests, the reasons to have a mural are many. I like to suggest the following reasons for installing a mural in your home.

What can a Mural do for me?

Resolutions/Goals/Motivation: A mural can be an image or symbol that represents your goal. For example, you may want to achieve or increase your wealth, strength, fertility, life, awareness, protection, prosperity, and so forth. There are many options for icons and symbols that can be painted to fit into your existing interior style, and they can appear simple and elegant, realistic or stylized. The interpretation of the image can be subtle or obvious, but it will have very strong meaning for you! Don’t worry, I will help you find the perfect image for your goal.

Spaciousness/Atmosphere: Open up the end of a hallway with a beach mural, or add a sky mural to a low basement ceiling to give yourself some fresh air.

Theme: Travel is a very common reason to add a scene or design to your décor, and a mural can bring the flavor of your favorite country into your home. Fans of Italy may want to see vineyards from Tuscany whenever they enter their wine cellar. Businesses can communicate their theme or philosophy to their customers with a lobby mural.

Serenity: What makes you feel at peace? A blue sky, a vast prairie, or a secluded mountain lake? Perhaps we simply create a solid black wall, with a mural of a glowing candle and flame burning in the center.

Creativity: Kids need a creative environment and mental stimulation. Playrooms and children’s room murals become your child’s world. I’ve created underwater scenes, jungle scenes, beach scenes, and fantasy castle scenes that fully encompass the entire room. But a lot can be done in a single wall mural to spark your child’s interests and creativity. The most important part of giving your child a mural for their room, is that you suddenly become the coolest parents in the world! Not every kid has a realistic mural scene in their room.

Lifestyle: Put your ideal lifestyle into a mural represented by a custom scene. Are you riding into the sunset on your Harley, or casting a line into a mountain stream?

The bottom line is that murals have purpose!

Give us a call to discuss your goals, and I can come up with a mural that will be there every day to encourage you, your customers, or your child.

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Children’s Murals | Landscape Murals | Corporate Murals
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