Outlet plates: Paint them or leave them?

A Faux Finish on walls brings warmth to a room. It’s a true faux finish if it is created to replicate a material, texture, or aging effect.

If there is a switch plate or outlet plate in the middle of the faux finish, it can disrupt the flow of the wall with a white square.

There are occasions when it’s better to leave the plate alone instead of paint it, or to go buy a pre-made plate that’s closer to the new wall color.

  1. White accents. If the home has white trim and doors everywhere, you may choose to leave the plates white to add more contrast and continuity.
  2. Overuse. If there’s a switchplate that is used everyday all day, it is going to get some abuse. I prepare my plates properly, so the paint adheres well. But as you can see in this photo, improper preparation will cause the paint to flake off with overuse.  
  3. Theme plates. If you are going to buy all new plates that are antique brass or brushed nickel, make the commitment and buy all of them throughout the house. It’s the most durable option.

When Painted switch plates are recommended. 

Choose to have switchplates painted when you want them to disappear into the surface such as on:

  1. Granite Backsplash
  2. Wood paneling
  3. Stone pillars
  4. Wallpaper
  5. Any decorative wall

Ask G.Go Decorative for advice if you are considering any of these options. Several switchplates can be painted in a single day!


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