Decorative Accent Walls for Interior Design

While most people consider interior designing an art, it is actually an evolving form of science. This science is based on several concrete principles and components. These components must be creatively utilized to turn the space into aesthetically pleasing and highly practical area. Various interior designing trends are actually born out of a designers’ endeavor to achieve this goal. Accent wall is one of these trends.

For an untrained eye, an accent wall is a non-traditional way of painting a room. Instead of using the same color or texture on all the walls, designers break the convention by painting of the walls in a different shade, color, texture or even a mural. For those who understand the principles and elements of design, accent walls are more than meets the eye.

Here are some of the features that one accent wall can bring out in the whole room, and also the reason why your home, office or shop needs a wall painted differently than the rest.

Accent Gives Your Room a Personality

Accent walls are not just walls that stand out, they actually make the whole room stand out. They are capable of giving your room a personality of its own, which of course can be a reflection of yours. Even a simple pattern or texture can change the whole ‘feel.’ You don’t have to go overboard with bright colors and gaudy patterns on all the walls. One wall is enough to say it all.

Creates Asymmetric Balance

Balance is one of the primary principles of interior design. Traditional interior designs carry a symmetrical balance created through repeated placement of similar objects. It looks good if you own a large house and enough money to afford a dozen Chinese vases. For a small space and smaller budgets, creating an asymmetric balance is a more practical approach. Accent wall, with different color or texture is one of the simplest ways to achieve asymmetric balance.

Adds Materiality and Atmosphere

There are three major components of interior design material, atmosphere and experience. An appropriately painted wall can satisfy the first two components. Decorative wall and faux finish can create a replica of natural texture such as wood, brick and stone, etc. Even f the room’s wall has natural texture of its own, decorative paints are much easier to apply as compared to wall papers.

Accent Walls can tell a Story

Accent wall doesn’t have to be a wall with a different shade, color or texture. With numerous decorative wall artists out there, you can now get as creative as you want. Many people choose to get a whole scenery painted on the ceiling or one of the walls in the room. With beautiful artistry, the wall just doesn’t remain a wall. It becomes a door to a whole new dimension through which the beholder can enter a world of fantasy. A master decorative artist can make the wall come to life and tell a story of its own.

These are, of course, only a few reasons and there are a plethora of others as well. If there is a room that doesn’t seem much interesting or inviting, all you need is a wall to change it all.

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