Hardwood Floor Touch Up Repair

Why you need hardwood floor touch up services

Hardwood floors are beautiful and long lasting, but they are susceptible to dents, damage and stains, or blemishes during install. Some of the issues we have been called upon to repair include:

  • Dents
  • Scratches and chips
  • Unsightly repairs
  • Stains
  • Dark Spots, Ink or Burns
  • Holes

Oftentimes, the original hardwood floor company will recommend a complete sand, stain and seal of the entire floor to fix the issue. Our process fixes the spots, not the entire floor. This means no mess, no hassle and we are typically in and out in one day, leaving a perfect looking floor you can use immediately!

About Our Process

Most hardwood floors are sealed, so for general blemish repairs, we first scuff the varnish to accept a bonding primer. Next, we prime the area with a color-matched base coat, and finish by matching the woodgrain pattern and colors with faux finish techniques. The repair is then completed with a matching clear coat. The resulting touch up is invisible at a normal standing height.

For holes and dents, we use rock hard bondo as filler. For full-depth holes, a nail and mesh matrix is used to support the plug, and leave a smooth surface. After filling, we etch the woodgrain pattern back into the area. This is vital to prevent “flashing”, which is when you see a smooth spot in the middle of a textured area. Then the prepared fill is finished with our woodgrain technique.

Hardwood floor touch up repair costs

The great news is that these touch ups are not only hassle free, fast, and dust free, but also far more affordable than a complete new floor refinish job. A repair can start at just $400 per area. Multiple areas are combined to receive a project discount. To receive an estimate over the phone, simply take a few photos of the area and email or text them to us with a description. We can usually provide an estimate of costs and time required for completion the same day.

Painted Knotty Alder woodgrain on this curved baseboard.

Putting it all together

Touch up repairs to your hardwood floor woodgrain are usually needed for aesthetic purposes, and can give you peace of mind again. Other times, they are vital to the sale of a home, or to save costs over other repair options. In the end, it’s all about having a complete and balanced home.
We also offer further woodgrain services to add color balance to your home, such as:

• Match a door to the surrounding wood trim
• Blend a new piece of trim to match the surrounding wood
• Match switchplates to the surrounding wood panel
• Give a fireplace mantle the look of real wood
• Furniture legs and corners – repair damage and restore the grain

And woodgrain is only one part of our services! We also paint realistic marble and stone, and create full wall finishes with venetian plaster and concrete for an urban look!


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