Floor Directory Lines Project

I recently completed a directory line striping project for a sign company at a new office and dining building called Zeppelin Station.

I’m particularly proud of this project because it was primarily a mathematical and planning challenge. It’s difficult to explain the complexities of the challenges but they involved following a drawing of how the lines should begin, turn, curve, be spaced apart, how they overlap, and how and where they converge.

Planning the time when we start the project and finish was also crucial.

We had to etch the areas of concrete first, measure and mark the boundaries, apply tape, wash, then prime, and finish with 2 coats of each color while including the overlaps.

The lines are part of the directories, which are hung on the wall indicating what line to follow to get you where you want to go. They lead to dining, retail, bars, offices, restrooms and parking.

I estimated 12 days to complete, and we completed the project in 11.

Watch walkthrough video: