Touch Ups, Repairs, Matching and Blending

Faux Finish Touch Up, Venetian Plaster Touch Up, Hardwood Flooring Touch Up and more.

Chances are you’ve learned to ignore the scratches, holes, chips, dents and blemishes around your home. Because it’s just wear and tear, right? Do you need to get a brand new “something-or-other”? Replace the entire “situation”? Certainly nobody can touch up that type of “thing”.

It can be done! Meet your touch up specialist, Gary Gomez.

Touch ups and blending require a broad knowledge of coatings, substrates, bonding, luminescence, sheen, texture, and durability. Mostly however, experience is the key tool in my bag of tricks. I have been matching and replicating surfaces since 2004.

What can be touched up?

  • Hardwood Floors – Learn More
  • Faux Finishes on Walls
  • Murals
  • Furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Venetian Plaster
  • No-traffic Stone or Tile
  • Textured Rugs

What’s the difference between repairs, touch ups, matching, blending?

  • Repairs will be any area that requires “filling”, or resurfacing.
    • Patching a hole
    • Filling a dent
    • Fixing a crack
    • Fixing a repaired drywall patch
  • Touch Ups can be painted without repair, or will generally follow a repair.
    • Light spots on a surface from someone scrubbing the color off
    • Dark spots from paint or stain, or if an area was accidentally blemished with paint from another contractor.
  • Matching replicates the texture, color, pattern and sheen of an existing area.
  • Blending replicates the texture, color, pattern and sheen within an existing area to make it blend into the area invisibly.

What can’t be touched up?

Virtually anything can be touched up to a degree. However, there are some situations where I would not recommend attempting a touch up repair, simply because I know my limits or the limits of the materials, and I would not want to deliver less than perfect results.

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • High Gloss Smooth Surfaces
  • Granite Countertop surfaces
  • Submerged or wet-susceptible surfaces
  • Tile within trafficked areas
  • Most Clothing and fabrics

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