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G.Go Decorative provides the finishing touch to your decorating project. Customers will often benefit from our services while updating their home decor, creating a theme in their home or business, or changing or enhancing the mood of their living space. We achieve this transformation with Decorative Painting.

For corporate build or renovations, we offer a complimentary suite of services for Architectural and Interior Design projects. Services include realistic painted marble, sacred space murals, and wall finishes for themes such as Tuscan and contemporary. G.GO Decorative can be a powerful addition to your design portfolio.

What is Decorative Painting?

Decorative Painting is the controlled application of color, texture and imagery using paint, plaster, and embedded materials, with the purpose of enhancing the appearance of surfaces, furnishings and rooms. Decorative Painting techniques include Faux Finishing, Mural Painting, stencil designs, plaster textures, and layered colors and patterns.

What is Faux Finishing?

Faux Finishing is a painting technique originally used as a form of replicating the appearance of natural materials, such as marble and wood, with paint. The naming comes from the French word “faux”, meaning false. In modern day, faux finishing has become most popular for walls and furniture, with the purpose of replicating the aging effects of surfaces over time.

If you are thinking of painting, call us for a free consultation on how Decorative Painting can enhance your living environment!

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Faux Finishing | Decorative Painting | Decorative Plasters | Ceiling Designs