Floor Directory Lines Project

I recently completed a directory line striping project for a sign company at a new office and dining building called Zeppelin Station.

I’m particularly proud of this project because it was primarily a mathematical and planning challenge. It’s difficult to explain the complexities of the challenges but they involved following a drawing of how the lines should begin, turn, curve, be spaced apart, how they overlap, and how and where they converge.

Planning the time when we start the project and finish was also crucial.

We had to etch the areas of concrete first, measure and mark the boundaries, apply tape, wash, then prime, and finish with 2 coats of each color while including the overlaps.

The lines are part of the directories, which are hung on the wall indicating what line to follow to get you where you want to go. They lead to dining, retail, bars, offices, restrooms and parking.

I estimated 12 days to complete, and we completed the project in 11.

Watch walkthrough video:

Tivoli Brewery Historic Mural Coverage

Fairy Tree Mural Design

Take a look at the design progression of a custom nursery mural.


I always begin with an inspirational photo. (Special thank you to Leila Elgersma for her beautiful original design inspiration – www.leilasartcorner.com)

Next I discuss with the client specific requests to make the mural customized to their desires, and create the arrangement in a digital image.

The final mural is hand painted in my personal style and now unique for the client!

See more images from this mural in my Children’s Murals Gallery.

G.GO Decorative Introduces Custom Sculpture Services

Gary Gomez, owner of Denver-based painting and faux-finishing firm G.Go decorative has announced his company is now offering custom sculpture services. The company’s new services involve sculpting artwork for wall surfaces or hanging decorations within the home. Each sculpture combines lighting and shadow to give custom pieces additional dimensions that add to their power and elegance.

The simple addition of artwork to a family room can alter the dynamics of the home environment. By integrating a new piece to their home, property owners across Denver are experiencing the transformative effect that art can have on their day-to-day lives. But after adding many new pictures and murals to their home property, many are now searching for a new type of artwork to bring fresh life to their home. The custom sculpture creation services offered by Gary Gomez of G.Go Decorative can bring that sense of fresh appeal to any residential or commercial property.

Working with Gary Gomez in creating custom sculptures for the home allows clients to take an active role in the creative process. Homeowners will be able to detail their vision for the sculpture while allowing Gary and his team to carry out their work using the skills refined over many decades serving the local marketplace with their artistic talent. The company’s pieces are ideal for placement on accent walls and walls with spotlight areas. Whether it’s a custom rendering of a nature scene or a well-known painting, the G.Go decorative team is able to ensure each sculpture piece created resonates with every guest to the property.

To learn more on the G.Go Decorative sculptured art creation services, please contact their offices directly today at 303-946-4300 for a free quote or visit their business website at www.ggodecorative.com.

Sculptural mural project

Sculptural mural project

Colorado and mountain lovers will love G.Go Decorative’s sculptural mural line of artwork. Custom created for hanging or direct to wall. This is a custom 4’x5′ Art Niche Mural in a mountain style home.

First step is to sketch the scene on the smooth wall.


Step 2: Add dimensional relief with drywall plaster – the most important step!

Elk mountain sculptural mural

Step 3: Prime and paint the plaster

Elk mountain sculptural mural

Step 4: Glaze the sculpture to add contrast

Elk mountain sculptural mural

The final sculptural mural looks great with or without a spot light.



Elk mountain sculptural mural